Monday, September 26, 2011

fun with sculpy: pre-bake

The whole story starts with this, which I really wanted to buy, because it is awesome and really well-made (I am super picky about toys, which i still love even though I am 22). But anyway, I couldn't justify buying it to myself, so I bought sculpy to make my own "models" (i mean dolls). Still not as awesome as the Monster High ones though, but here is what i have so far in playing with sculpy.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I like making detailed, textured pictures, I also like Poke'mon. So I am making what I think real-life Poke'mon might look like. This is going to end up as all of the original starter real-life Poke'mon, or just the bulbasaur evolutions if I run out of time.

Deseret Promo 1

During 2009-2010, I was drawing a lot of and thinking a lot about monsters, but subconsciously only drawing a specific kind of monster in a specific place. They don't live in the poetical sense; they exist hour to hour, staring at the red sun as it makes rounds near the horizon or staring at the shadows at their feet. The lucky ones wander in circles or cry for the things they have lost. It is a particular kind of hell that my subconscious has created for them. Also, there are bunnies, bunnies with one long claw that they use to cut up flesh into bite-size bunny pieces.