Saturday, November 21, 2009

Art Project

I started an art project that is a metaphorical view that a person with depression might have. I am very excited about it, as it is the first full-scale project that is gallery-worthy that I have done. I am hesitant about whether the singular pieces might be, but i am going to develop them more; but the concept and the cumulative effect is definitely worthy.
The concept is that depress changes a person's point of view so that the world becomes a frightening place full of monsters. Or rather, monsters were used in medieval times to represent various aspects of the human condition; death, trials, temptations and the like-so i am going to use them to represent depression, also in the medieval woodcut style. Also, an FYI, not that i will talk about this in the project, but in my experience, people with depression come to love the idea of monsters, because they feel themselves to be subhuman, and monsters are outwardly subhuman. But this confuses the issue somewhat, so the only place you will hear about that is here and if you ask me in person.
The important thing is that depression changes the way you think and view the world.
The style is, as I said, medieval woodcut. I think it would be better if they were prints, (not woodcuts, though, i do have a life now) but i do not know how, so for now, they are just pen on paper.
And if some people think that i shouldn't talk about projects in progress. why not? it is not the concept that is hard-but the execution. so if someone else is inspired by what i am doing, feel free to make something similar. I think ideas should be free-but the work involved in making them real is not.

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