Thursday, November 15, 2007


Some Victorian Manners:
  1. Learn to govern yourself and to be gentle and patient.
  2. Never speak or act in anger.
  3. Remember that, valuable as is the gift of speech, silence is often more valuable.
  4. Learn to speak in a gentle tone of voice.
  5. Learn to say kind and pleasant things when opportunity offers.
  6. Do not neglect little things if they can affect the comfort of others.Learn to deny yourself and prefer others
  7. A real gentility never swears or talks uproariously. He should never fail to raise his hat politely to an acquaintance of either sex. If he should bump into someone or step upon a lady’s dress he must "beg their pardon", and at no time should he lose his temper nor attract attention by excited conversation.
  8. A lady walks quietly through the streets, seeing and hearing nothing that she ought not to, recognizing acquaintances with a courteous bow, and friends with words of greeting. She is always unobtrusive, never talks loudly, or laughs boisterously, or does anything to attract the attention of the passers-by. She walks along in her own quiet, lady-like way, and by her preoccupation is secure from any annoyance. A true lady in the street, as in the parlor is modest, discreet, kind and obliging.

Modern manners

. . . . . none, it seems

Who is the more civilized?

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