Thursday, November 6, 2008


You might wonder why the updating of this blog is so weird.
It is because I update this when I stay up until 4 am, ignoring homework and unable to tear myself away from the internet. (and I have read all the current webcomic updates of the ones I love)
These items are just things I have previously written or free thought writing and photos from my extensive personal photo gallery. (I take a lot of photos, it has kind of replaced my drawing journal, even though it shouldn't have, because I will never be an animator at this rate, and even though I may never be, I cannot bear to give that dream up just yet.)

I may just post photos in the future, or just write stuff for the photos. Or just look for a job instead. Whichever.

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Loong said...

That will be alright... as long as it is deeply thought and explained.