Sunday, March 1, 2009


I have always wondered what it was like to have no hair. It is one of those experiences that you can't really know until you have done it. And for me, it goes beyond mere curiosity, it is a half-fulfilled wish, a might have been, because I could shave my hair off if i really wanted and find out. So every time the subject pops up in my head, there is always that half-fulfilled feeling, a train of thought I can never finish until I have that experience. There is a sort of beauty on making a decision and sticking with it. An austere grace. And the older i get, the less chances I will have to have these experiences, because people will expect less out of me in that fashion. Hopefully not though, i want to keep breaking expectations forever, but to do that, I need to have started years ago, but I can always start now.

----22 days later:
I still kind of want to do this, but right now, it would not be worth the trouble for mere curiosity and garnering attention. Perhaps some other time, then.

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