Saturday, February 28, 2009

getting an LED tan

So I spent the entire day on my laptop, not coloring in Photoshop, like I normally would be(i can kick butt in Photoshop, and am hoping to be able to work at the library, teaching people how to use computer programs), but working on my final class lab for 8 hours and then editing audio in Audacity. I am so excited to have learned how to use Audacity today. (Now just for Blender and MewaFilm and I will know a lot more than I do). But I also learned today that I still have quite a bit of self-confidence to gain.Because I am still acting my quiet self in the computer lab.In my heart, I really just want to be a nerd, but I can never be truly accepted, for I do not like videogames (excepting katamari and poke'mon), programming is only a limited fun and i am not actually all that bright. I like photoshop, mixed media artwork and audacity. . . and dreaming.(oh no, the tiny house got smashed since I have last been here, how very sad) And I have a terrible headache, bad me.(also my obsession with poke'mon is more than i will ever admit to anyone, even now I am still terribly disappointed that poke'mon do not actually exist, so i can never be a poke'mon trainer)

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