Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dress-up flash game and Venasaur promo

I'm working on a flash dress-up game, of course pokemon-themed. Here are some preview photos of the artwork, as I am still working on that. There is a boy-trainer part, but I have only finished the sketches on that, and they are very sketchy sketches, as I am doing vectors, as vectors are the best for web (and are way super easy). It is gonna be quality work, like doll divine dress-up games, with a nice variety of skin tones and the ability to change the color of the clothes (I am going to figure out how to do all of this on flash, though, cause I don't know how do to complicated stuff on it yet.) If you want to know what happened to the starter pokemon thing, Venasaur happened, as  you can see in the second sketch below.(frikkin palm leaves, hate them so much, I love patterns but oh, the palm leaves, I suppose it would help if there were some around to look at.)

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