Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trainer Game Promo 2 and Rant

I've been transferring everything over to illustrator, cause guess what? that is what you're supposed to work with vectors in. But, guess what? Its not very vector friendly, still can't remember how to delete anchors. I just want an adobe product to be user friendly, okay. I'm getting sick of important stuff being hidden in a menu. The pathfinder tool is crucial when you're used to clipping masks, but it only took me 20 minutes to find this out by researching on the internet. I suppose I should stop complaining about my noob problems with adobe software and start posting pics.
Clearly, i haven't gotten a whole lot of new stuff done. Been playing Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2. Normally really long names but me off any sort of product, because usually they try to sell a terrible product (or because they have terrible marketing) with extra syllables. Also, the male trainer looks weird, I know, that is going to be next on the to-do list, after moving the ridiculous number of shape layers over to illustrator, one layer at a time. Also, trying to find a full body shot of Mint from the Pokemon GameBoy card game. Also, why is it called a Game-BOY, it just bothered me right now. I know, the target audience was boys, but I am glad that they widened their marketing to include girls. You know what is a great game marketed for girls? Cutie Pop! Street Fashion Simulation. It sounds like a lame dress-up/shop simulation game, and it is that, only not lame, mainly because it has awesome music. Also, pretty damn near every fashion style ever created. I like to pretend to use it as a resource when designing costumes, only I don't because I don't really design costumes, I just give my characters practical clothing that all kind of has the same silhouette (unless its ethnic clothing, in which case, I just use that), because I just like drawing similar characters, I don't like putting more work into stuff that is probably going to be trashed in 6 months. (I scan the best of a sketchbook when I finish one, and then put the sketchbook in storage to make room for more toys).

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